"Hi. I’m Kevin, and I love blogTV."
"Email from us and I’m on my position I wanting unit is let it easily older male let me know that the all of them and I can’t really cool beetle 51 the phone with you. I haven’t been sent out on the must, not, this is Tom in mail Council sold out and that you form. I’m on the man. I’ll have my contact you didn’t call condo, mail Hartung say good night in Saudi. The we’re talking so if you have to call. We will be Medical Center, who will have me on my top you know my sanity back with that. I want to talk to you on. Bye bye."
Google Voice transcribes my voicemails into text, or at least it tries to.
They’re usually pretty inaccurate, but this one topped them all.
This is what it came up with when my mom left me a voicemail.
Oh, and she doesn’t speak English.
"wow you are really cute:) but you look like you take it up the butt."
CrunchMasterT via YouTube.com

Um WOW. Why the hell does everyone think I’m gay?!
"Today, I was at the doctor with my son, he was looking at a children’s book I remembered having as a kid. I then noticed it had my name written in the front in my mothers handwriting. We sold this at a garage sale 15 years ago before moving from the other side of the country. MLIA"



"Today, I was lying in bed late at night trying to fall asleep. I blew my nose on a kleenex and was too lazy to get up and put it in the garbage. I threw it under my bed when I heard a whispery voice say “Thank you”. It was my little brother trying to scare me. I peed myself. FML"

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